Our Founder  
Sri. P.C. Malpani  
1921 - 1986  

Mycon Construction Limited - formerly The Mysore Construction Company was established in 1946, by Sri. P.C. Malpani, has emerged rapidly as a major contender in the Civil and Industrial Construction business. Since its inception the company has had an enviable track record throughout South India. MCC is part of the Malpani Group - diversified in construction, industry and business. MCC has its registered office in the "Garden City" of India, Bangalore.

Over the last 60 years MCC has undertaken all types of civil and structural construction projects in irrigation, power, industry and complexes. MCC's strength lie in its ability to execute intricate and architecturally aesthetic projects, that call for a high level of expertise and skill.

MCC's growth, expansion and performance plans are constantly reviewed. Keeping pace with rapid changes in technology, MCC is constantly upgrading its level of expertise and applies new concepts and construction practices to provide a wide range of value-added services to its clients.

MCC has a large team of engineers with a fine blend of experience and fresh talent. The technical staff are well supported by experienced logistics staff. MCC has a reasonable inventory of plant, machinery and construction aids. The equipment base is being constantly updated and expanded.

Suresh Malpani & Co. - SMC, an associate company of the Malpani Group, has undertaken several prestigious projects as well. SMC is equipped with their own team of professionals and state-of-the-art machinery. ___________________<<< For More >>>

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